Task Force structure

The Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task For consists of some 70 experts, who are assigned to the Steering Committee, the Advisory Group and ten expert groups.

Chair of the Task Force is Professor Martin Ackermann, who is also its representative. All members of the Task Force are at any time free to speak  in their role as experts in their field of expertise.

The members of the Task Force are responsible for liaison and the transfer of information to the SNSF, the ETH Domain, swissuniversities and the Swiss Academies of Sciences.

Steering Committee:

  • Martin Ackermann, Expert for Microbiology, ETH Zurich et Eawag (Chair)
  • Manuel Battegay, Expert in Biomedicine, University of Basel (Vice-chair)
  • Monika Bütler, Expert for empirical economic research, University of St. Gallen (Vice-chair)
  • Samia Hurst, Expert for Biomedical Ethics, University of Geneva (Vice-chair)

Advisory Panel members:


Coordination and administration:

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